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Is this you?

You’ve had a great career so far. Maybe you’re a senior lawyer, banker, or Senior VP at a major company. Perhaps you’re the Founder-CEO of a successful startup looking forward to a successful exit.

Perhaps this is also true…

  • You’re curious about what else is out there.

  • Work-life balance seems to be a myth someone else gets to enjoy.

  • Work’s great, but you long for more fun, flexibility and freedom.

  • And Founders out there, you’re simply wondering, “What’s next?”

  • Or… you’ve just been told your job no longer exists.

Deep down inside, you know there’s something more out there. Something that speaks to your soul.

Deep down inside, you know there’s something more out there for you. Something that speaks to your soul. A calling that’s been pushed aside, or you didn’t even know existed.

And while this has been gnawing at you, you have no idea where to start.

If this rings a bell, you might be in a career-midlife crisis - a puzzling place for successful, high achievers like you. Equally frustrating, exciting, and raw.


I work with my clients to shape their new career identity, bringing together their passions, skills and dreams, while keeping them grounded and action-focused.
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I coach senior executives looking for a radical career change through a unique combination of design thinking and mindfulness.

Successful people who want work with a greater sense of fulfilment, flexibility and freedom, but don’t know where to start. I help you get clarity so you can design a life and career with purpose and impact.

My 5-step process helps you reflect deeply and shape your career identity. Bringing your passions, skills and dreams together, while keeping you grounded and focused. The results are exciting and varied:

  • Moving into a completely different industry.

  • Embarking on portfolio careers - multiple concurrent roles as a solopreneur.

  • Some move into entrepreneurship.

  • Many embrace corporate life with a renewed sense of purpose.

It’s about #radicaltruth.

I guide my clients to be radically honest with themselves and the people around them, so they can design their life and career the way they want it.

If any of this speaks to you, my invitation is to pause, take stock of the situation and design the road ahead with purpose. Forge a new path that hits a sweet spot.

Sound exciting? Maybe a little scary? Well, I’m here with you.


About me

I started my career as a lawyer in 2000, working in one of the top law firms in Singapore. And I disliked it… to put it mildly.

Frazzled by doing the work of two people, I was working 14-hour days, weekends and some public holidays, while planning a wedding that almost didn’t happen. I got bored stiff with the repetitive work I was doing and was so burnt out, the doctors put me on medication for stress.

So when the team was told that we had to work even harder, a few of us just knew the game was up and we decided to quit.

Shortly after that, I walked into the nearest telco shop where I bumped into a friend, which is where my radical career change journey began.

The career detour that changed everything

To cut a long story short, that friend had been hired to start the technology practice at a WPP group public relations boutique firm. After a brief chat while browsing the latest Nokias and Motorolas (yes it was that long ago), he offered me the opportunity to join his team.

 In the 20 years after that, all my career moves followed a similar path - random, informal, and on wildly different pathways. I ventured into: 

  • Executive search

  • Creative agencies

  • Branding, product development and e-commerce for a skincare start-up

  • Private Bank Partnerships

  • Forest genetics (timber “CSI”)

  • Creating company culture programs

  • Advising start-up Founder-CEOs and teams

  • Coaching on the MBA, Executive MBA, Corporate & Online Programs at INSEAD.

The universe has a plan

While my radical career path puzzled most people, I somehow knew that the universe had a plan for me, and looking back I came to this conclusion:

My ability to design and thrive in radical career changes is my “superpower”.

BUT… I did it without making good, mindful choices. I simply took the path that was presented to me and made jumps that weren’t great, even if those experiences have led me to where I am today.

What was the price I paid for that?

And I believe that anyone… yes, you can have a dream life and career that you love.

 And that’s why I’m here as the Career Adventurist. To help YOU navigate your career transition, so that you too can:

·       Enjoy incredible time freedom and flexibility

·       Make the same money, or possibly more, while spending less time working

·       Have fun while making an impact

·       Tap into your many talents

·       Be more fulfilled in your personal life and work.


Sound good? Mmmmm … take a deep breath.


Now, it would be irresponsible of me to say that it was an easy path. I made tons of mistakes and learnt some really hard lessons along the way. So the content, courses and coaching you’ll find here is geared toward giving you get a leg up as you embark on this journey.


I’m beyond thrilled you’re here and to work with you to design and navigate your radical career change.


So let’s get started.                                            


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