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Looking for a fulfilling, flexible & fun career? You're in the right place!


You’re here for a reason.


  • You have been working in one company so long, you’ve forgotten what’s out there but you’re curious.

  • Life’s changed and you want a different work-life balance that isn’t happening for you in your company.

  • Someone told you about Portfolio Careers that combine multiple interests and skills and you thought “That sounds cool!”

  • Corporate life and its perks have been great, but something inside is screaming for more fun, fulfilment and creativity.

Well you’re in the right place.

There are plenty of options in front of you: dabbling in a side interest while keeping your day job; switching to a new industry; leaving the corporate world behind for a Portfolio Career - or “going plural” as some call it.

I’ve lived through all those career options, made tons of mistakes, learnt how to craft a Portfolio Career, and make it work! And now my purpose is to work with curious, passionate people like you to find the career path you’ll love; and have more joy and freedom as a result.

Why “The Career Adventurist”?

Adventurist is defined as “defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behavior”. There’s a rebelliousness that goes against convention.

Urban Dictionary says “an Adventurist would climb mountains, jump out of planes and dive below the surface of the water.”

Except for the diving bit, that’s definitely me.

...a weird and wonderful career path that made no sense to most people but gave me the freedom and fulfillment that I would not have otherwise enjoyed.

In 2000, I left my job as a lawyer and ventured into a weird and wonderful career path that made no sense to most people but gave me the freedom and fulfilment that I would not have otherwise enjoyed.

For almost 20 years without having to apply for a job, I’ve held global and regional roles in public relations, executive search, branding, financial services, luxury goods, skincare and timber genetics! 

I've also been a television and stage actress, writer, TV show host, and copywriter. My portfolio career includes coaching, consulting in startups, blogging, raising three kids and lots of travelling.


Adventurously yours,