Part 1/3: How to Find Work You Love, That Loves You Back!

This is the 1st of a 3-part video series called How to Find Work You Love - That Loves You Back!

CLICK the video above or the link below to watch it!

In this video, I share why knowing what your top needs are can both help and hinder you, and that by knowing what your needs are, you can be more empowered to make mindful and intentional choices as you move forward and design a life and career you love!

The link to the 6 Human Needs test I mention is https://six-human-needs-test.herokuap... If you do the test, put your results in the Comments below the video on Youtube - I'd love to hear what you needs are!

And here's the link to Haddaway's What Is Love video! :)

Hope you enjoy the video, and watch out for Part 2 next week!

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