Career Adventurist Roadmap


Welcome to your brand new career path, you brave soul, you!


Career Adventurist Roadmap is an exciting and groundbreaking online program designed just for you: the curious, successful professional seeking a Portfolio Career that is defined by you, your multiple passions and talents.

You will learn and experience what you need to start and sustain a successful, thriving Portfolio Career. We’ll also define your 3 Fs - Fulfilment, Flexibility and Fun - hallmarks of a Career Adventurist lifestyle.



How to have a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment, no matter what you do.


Manage time and energy to be fully present and in charge.


Have fun and enjoy the freaky Portfolio Career ride in style.


Career Adventurist Roadmap runs twice a year and we’ll be deep diving into:

  1. Your Career Adventurist ID: redefine your CareerID to gear it for a Portfolio Career

  2. Mindset: to set your course and keep you moving in the right direction

  3. Career Crafting Pathways: possible career pathways you can explore

  4. Time and Energy Management: managing your time and energy to be at your best

  5. Emotional Management: a toolkit to optimise your Career Adventurist journey

  6. Logistics: the best tools, apps, and productivity hacks to be effective and efficient

  7. Network: build an effective network that leverages weak ties and strong connections and draws business to you!

There’ll also be coaching calls and community sharing to address questions as you create your roadmap, because it’s fun to have adventure buddies.

Enrolment is planned for Q1 2020, and I can’t wait to see you there. Get pinged when we open the program by filling in your details below:

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