Welcome to Career Crafting!


you're a true pioneer!

Career Crafting is really for the bold, brave, multi-talented souls who can't sit idly by. You want to take control of your career, and let loose your talents, skills and strengths to achieve a Fulfilling, Flexible and Fun career of your own design. 

This course, launching in March 2019 will address the following seven key elements:

  1. Your Career Adventurist Identity: how to craft, define and refine your unique identity that you will embody and present to the world as you Career Craft
  2. Mindset Prep: designing the best mindset to set your course and keep you moving in the right direction
  3. Career Crafting Pathways: defining the possible career pathways and work areas to explore
  4. Work-Life Management: how to manage your time, energy and other resources
  5. Career Adventurist "logistics": the best tools, apps, and productivity hacks to be the most effective and efficient you can be
  6. Network: how to build an effective network that leverages weak ties and strong connections
  7. Emotional Management: a toolkit and exercises to enable you to get through uncertain times, and power through as you Career Craft

Through these modules, there will be Coaching via webinars to address questions as you Career Craft!


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