Holistic Coaching

Whether you are just exploring an unconventional career move or a portfolio career, Career Transitions Coaching is for you.

I use a holistic approach (body/mind/energy) and we’ll explore what your career dreams are and what nasties have been keeping them from coming true. This might sound woo-woo, but it really isn't! 

This approach is used by NeuroChangeSolutions and Johnson & Johnson's Human Performance Institute® in the corporate training programs that I facilitate, and the key is this: to be at your best - focused, emotionally intelligent, analytical and adaptive - all these aspects need to be taken into account.

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Feeling stuck or challenged? Self-awareness helps unpack mental blocks, limiting beliefs and assumptions. Get a new perspective in order for you to move forward in your life.



Get aware of how your body holds stress. I partner with trained practitioners in physical bodywork where necessary so your ability to lead yourself and others can develop fully.

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If you get emotionally drained quickly, mindfulness takes the edge off and enables better self-management. Some easy techniques come in handy when facing career challenges.


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