Career Crossroads Coaching

You know the drill. Go to work, get paid, go home.

Even in the most prestigious of jobs, the dread of high stress with your life on speed dial for someone else is a real pain in the neck. Literally and figuratively. If you’re mid-career and have thought, “I wonder if I could do [fill in alternative career]…” but then shrugged it off saying, but “I don’t know where to start!”, then Career Crossroads Coaching is for you.

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Personalised coaching

Your reason for being at a crossroads is different from everyone else’s so there’s no cookie cutter approach. You get six individual online coaching sessions one-on-one with me where we will define your goals and what’s holding you back using a 3-step strategy.

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Defining your career journey

It’s action time. Once we have clarity around your “why” and goals, we’ll design a plan to start your journey. We’ll also address the potential roadblocks that you might encounter, so you’re prepared for almost anything!

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You’ll get to meet other Crossroads members on group coaching calls, webinars, and the Career Adventurist Facebook Group. Learning together and sharing your experience is such a valuable gift that you can give yourself and your fellow seekers!