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Coaching is a conversation to spark new ways of thinking, seeing and feeling.

We’ll work together to:


Define what work is

Is work just a job title or scope of tasks and outcomes? We’ll use exercises to:

  • Dive deep into what motivates you and keeps you going

  • Explore what work means to you: defaults and in the future

  • Unlearn what’s holding you back

  • Experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible


See things from a whole person perspective

Contrary to what you may have heard, you aren’t a different person at home, at play and at work. You may think you need to be different, but in truth, the lines are blurry.

I believe in coaching you as a whole person which means:

  • Your mind, heart and body

  • Working with your energy

  • Integrating all aspects of your life.


Refresh Your Identity

You’ve been working for over 10 years. How much time have you spent thinking about who YOU are. Not your role. Not your outcomes. Not your industry or company.

Refreshing your identity is crucial for your next career step, and we’ll work on:

  • Beliefs, mindset and behaviours

  • Self-reflection and forward-projection

  • Radical truths: desired, fears, demons. Get to know and embrace your authentic self.


My Coaching Method

  • Intake questions to understand your outlook, beliefs, situation, and objectives


    • Coaching Outcomes

    • Limiting Beliefs + Leverage

    • Identity Refresh

    • Maximise Possibilities (“Diamond Approach”)

    • Build Roadmap and Take Action

Online Coaching Packages

All coaching sessions are conducted online via Zoom, so you can dial in from anywhere in the world. Fee packages start from USD 1,200 a month.

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