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I want to be your partner and coach as you journey through your career!

Now, I don't want to work with just anybody. I really want to work with curious, multi-talented people who are seeking new opportunities and are super keen to explore career options or new ways of being.

Are you a potential Career Adventurist looking to craft a new, unconventional career path or create a multi-faceted portfolio career; or a Senior Executive who wants to bring the best of themselves at work and lead, inspire others and thrive?

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career crafting

If you're looking to break out of your profession or looking at a portfolio career - managing an array of projects and roles independently - then start here. In this section, you'll find content to discover (or re-discover) your unique identity in relation to work and craft a new direction as you begin your journey as a Career Adventurist. 


Whether you're moving upwards, laterally or into a new industry or role, self-leadership is crucial to a smooth transition. Senior executive transitions can be both exciting and intimidating and coaching facilitates the process, as you learn more about yourself, your leadership style, management style, and ability to influence and lead others.



Welcome to your brand new career path, you brave soul, you!


Career Crafting is the path that Career Adventurists take or (if you're just starting to think about this) might be considering.

What is this exactly? Well, as with anything new and unchartered, it is absolutely yours to define. That's what makes this path both extraordinarily exciting, and nerve-wrecking.

Yes, I hear you...how do I even start thinking about this after 15 years of working in a bank/MNC/shipping conglomerate/media agency etc etc etc. Well, that's what I would love to help you with!.

Drawing on my own "accidental" Career Adventurist experience, my goal here is to enable you to be clear about your Career Adventurist Identity, more conscious in your networking, activities and decisions, and have the tools for self-management, to achieve a career that fulfils the 3 Fs: Fulfilment, Flexibility and Fun.



Find and refine your Career Adventurist Identity, so that whatever you do, you're doing it with purpose and a sense of fulfilment.



Find out ways to manage your time and energy, because when you're managing your own wacky career path, you need to be fully in charge.



The path of a Career Adventurist is fun and also a bit freaky, so having a self-management toolkit and knowing how to build a network of support is key.


To find out more about Career Crafting, follow my Blog to stay in touch with the latest articles, tips and ideas.

The Career Crafting e-course is a once a year program that will be launching in March 2019, so Register Here to receive notifications for that! 

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Leadership coaching

Coaching is an excellent tool to further your development of leadership potential and way of being, whether in your existing career or when contemplating a new bold move.

I love taking a holistic approach and work in partnership with you on the mind, spirit and body (or any combination of them). It might sound woo-woo, but it really isn't! As a trainer in both the NeuroChangeSolutions Change Your Mind, Create New Results and Johnson & Johnson's Human Performance Institute® Corporate Athlete® Programs, research shows that in order to become more effective in meeting your performance goals - whether it's having more focus; dealing with change, a challenging situation or people; or showing up as an adaptive, situational leader - all these aspects need to be taken into account.

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Feeling stuck or challenged? Work with me to increase self-awareness, unpack mental blocks, limiting beliefs and assumptions, and get a new perspective in order for you to move forward in your life. 

We will explore brain-based and narrative coaching to free up your imagination and problem-solving muscles!

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Career Adventuring is fun, but it can be emotionally draining at times, especially when things don't go as planned, or people around you poo-poo your latest "adventure".

Mindful practice and EQ coaching takes the edge off and enables better self-management in moments when you're feeling alone, worn down and facing the unknown.



We rarely take notice of how our body holds emotional and physical stress, until the signals become too loud to ignore.

Somatic coaching and bodywork are often overlooked complements to coaching, and I partner with trained practitioners in physical bodywork where necessary so your ability to lead yourself and others can develop fully. 


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