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Welcome to the pre-launch page for the ultimate online course for navigating a radical mid-career change.

We’re working behind the scenes right now to prepare this exciting online course that will completely change the way you look at yourself and how you’ll navigate a mid-career job transition.

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The Radical Career Change Online Course

The Ultimate Tool for Your Mid-Career Transition (launching Oct 2019)

How do you prepare yourself for a radical mid-career change?

Risk and opportunity cost are the two biggest stressors for senior executives in a mid-career switch. Just like climbing at high altitudes, you need to know when to pause, take slower steps, evaluate your path ahead and figure out your options.

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. This course is definitely for you if you’re:

  • Switching from senior corporate roles to an independent consulting or portfolio career (more than one role or project at a time)

  • Looking for a drastic change in industry or job scope

  • Moving from MNC to a start-up or vice-versa

  • Forging a fresh path after exiting your own start-up

  • Between jobs and want to take stock before you make your next career move.

This POWER-PACKED Online Course will help you:

  1. Create a Personal Brand for your Radical Career Change.

    Think of this as your passport to help you (ad)venture out of your current career or crossroads. This 5-step system will help you:

    • Discover your needs, motivations, strengths and values

    • Blast away the limiting beliefs that hold you back

    • Write (and rewrite) your personal story

    • Multiply your career options

    • Create a robust Personal Brand statement.

  2. Gain greater self-awareness and focus through mindfulness

  3. Build resilience to thrive in times of uncertainty and change

  4. Manage time & energy better

  5. Craft career experiments

  6. Create your career roadmap

  7. Attract the kind of work you want

  8. Network effectively whether you’re an Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert

  9. Access productivity hacks

Enrolment starts October 2019. To be notified, click the button below!