I’ve spent 20 years working in fields that were not what I was “trained” for - doing things that were fun, fulfilling and allowed me to grow professionally, while having flexibility to raise three kids, travel, pursue my hobbies, and build an incredible life with my husband.

My passion in life is helping you do the same.

Whether you want to stay in your day job and dabble a little, or jump right into a new career, or channel your interests into a multi-faceted portfolio career, I invite you to come work with me.


Now, I don't want to work with just anybody.

To make this worth your while, you need curiosity to seek new opportunities and be willing to go deep to figure out what you really love, and why this is a must for you. I can help you with that. Click here for what is on offer!



If you're looking to break out of your profession or looking at a portfolio career - managing an array of projects and roles independently - then start here. In this section, you'll find content to discover (or re-discover) your unique identity in relation to work and craft a new direction as you begin your journey as a Career Adventurist. 


Whether you're moving upwards, laterally or into a new industry or role, self-leadership is crucial to a smooth transition. Senior executive transitions can be both exciting and intimidating and coaching facilitates the process, as you learn more about yourself, your leadership style, management style, and ability to influence and lead others.


Career Crafting