Avalyn is warm, energetic and has a genuine interest to help people to overcome their problems. After a few coaching sessions with Avalyn, I feel I have better clarity and feel much happier.
— J. S. - AVP, Innovation, Singapore
I strongly recommend Avalyn as an executive coach and trainer. Avalyn has a solid background and can help you to reach your goals thanks both to a powerful analytical mind and very accurate intuition and insights. Dynamic, always enthusiastic, caring, open to the world and consistent, she is a great professional you’ll be happy to work with her as I did!
— Marie Beaupré - Coach, France
I have always admired Avalyn for the energy she spreads around herself affecting others in a positive way. She has been a great help and guide to me both personally and professionally.
— Sushila Tiwari - Trader, India
Certainly an ‘aha’ moment. It gave me an understanding on not only what my primary drivers are, it also gave me an insight into those around me. I would definitely recommend working with Avalyn.
— S. Fletcher - Project Manager, Australia