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Create the fun, fulfilling, flexible career you love!

Looking for a fulfilling, flexible & fun career? You're in the right place!


You’re here for a reason.


  • You have been working in one company so long, you’ve forgotten what’s out there but you’re curious.

  • Life’s changed and you want a different work-life balance that isn’t happening for you in your company.

  • Someone told you about Portfolio Careers that combine multiple interests and skills and you thought “That sounds cool!”

  • Corporate life and its perks have been great, but something inside is screaming for more fun, fulfilment and creativity.

Well you’re in the right place.

There are plenty of options in front of you: dabbling in a side interest while keeping your day job; switching to a new industry; leaving the corporate world behind for a Portfolio Career - or “going plural” as some call it.

I’ve lived through all those career options, made tons of mistakes, learnt how to craft a Portfolio Career, and make it work! And now my purpose is to work with curious, passionate people like you to find the career path you’ll love; and have more joy and freedom as a result.

Why “The Career Adventurist”?

Adventurist is defined as “defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behavior”. There’s a rebelliousness that goes against convention.

Urban Dictionary says “an Adventurist would climb mountains, jump out of planes and dive below the surface of the water.”

Except for the diving bit, that’s definitely me.

...a weird and wonderful career path that made no sense to most people but gave me the freedom and fulfillment that I would not have otherwise enjoyed.

In 2000, I left my job as a lawyer and ventured into a weird and wonderful career path that made no sense to most people but gave me the freedom and fulfilment that I would not have otherwise enjoyed.

For almost 20 years without having to apply for a job, I’ve held global and regional roles in public relations, executive search, branding, financial services, luxury goods, skincare and timber genetics! 

I've also been a television and stage actress, writer, TV show host, and copywriter. My portfolio career includes coaching, consulting in startups, blogging, raising three kids and lots of travelling.

Trekking in Nepal with the family.

Trekking in Nepal with the family.

Career transitions are my superpower

People often ask how I transitioned into such a diverse career. The answer is partly luck, and partly knowing what I do best that gives me joy. It was tough at first and it took me 15 years to embrace this part of myself as my superpower.

What does this mean for you?

As I said, you’re here for a reason. And you’re not alone.

Coaching on many executive programs over the years, I hear many successful executives say that they’re stuck and uninspired at work, but have no idea how to break out of their comfort zone.

You can see possibilities and options if you know how and where to look. So let’s get you unstuck and on your way to a career you love.

Welcome to the world of the Career Adventurists!


Adventurously yours,



I have gained new awareness of how my limiting beliefs are potentially holding me back, and she has offered ways to overcome them. I have become less afraid of speaking up, asking, challenging, sharing my point of view, where it serves the larger outcome. I particularly recommend Avalyn’s coaching to ...those soul-searching and just trying to discover more about themselves to become a better person, colleague, boss, husband/wife, mother/father.
— Cintia Tavella - Argentinian.
Avalyn is warm, energetic and has genuine interest to help people to overcome their problems. After few coaching sessions with Avalyn, I feel I have better clarity and feel much happier.
— J.S. - Singapore
Certainly an ‘aha’ moment. It gave me an understanding on not only what my primary drivers are, it also gave me an insight into those around me. I would definitely recommend working with Avalyn.
— Sam F. - Australia
She does not only bring leadership knowledge but also practical experience and business acumen in her coaching practice. A key differentiator of her practice is her ability to expand your thinking beyond the obvious with the application of neuroscience into coaching among other techniques. She is definitely on top of her game. I would strongly recommend Avalyn for any executive and leadership coaching assignment that requires out of the box thinking and real impact.
— Javier Cunat, Mexico
I have always admired Avalyn for the energy she spreads around herself affecting others in a positive way. She has been a great help and guide to me both personally and professionally.
— Sushila Tiwari - India