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Hi! I’m Avalyn!

Welcome to this space where I share ideas, thoughts and tips on living a fun, flexible and fulfilling life from all angles.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on being more effective at work and at home, personal leadership, or career transitions… this is the place for you.

My daughter and I hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (Mount Doom for LOTR fans) in New Zealand.

My daughter and I hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (Mount Doom for LOTR fans) in New Zealand.

My nickname is The Career Adventurist.

“Adventurism” is the defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behaviour, while Urban Dictionary calls an Adventurist someone who would “climb mountains, jump out of planes and dive below the surface of the water.”

Except for the diving bit, that’s definitely me.

I’ve spent 20 years in an unconventional career path after leaving my days as a lawyer behind. Without having to apply for a job, I’ve held global and regional roles in public relations, executive search, branding, financial services, luxury goods, skincare and timber genetics. I've also been a television and stage actress, writer, TV show host, and copywriter.

I transitioned into a portfolio career - coaching, consulting startups, raising three kids, and lots of travelling - in 2014. I made tons of mistakes in the process and my purpose is to work with curious, passionate people like you to create your portfolio career path that will give you fun, flexibility and fulfilment!





If you’re a senior executive struggling with transitions in your career and life, one-on-one coaching will help you get to the bottom of what’s holding you back in your life and career.

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If you’re mid-career and feel that your multi-talented self has been stifled for too long, it might be time for a massive career change. My go-to approach is the portfolio career - a way to have a fun, flexible and fulfilling career that ticks all the boxes and brings home the bacon.



If you’re just curious, start here. Get tips, stories, ideas and much more to start your thinking around what’s out there and possible for you.

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I have gained new awareness of how my limiting beliefs are potentially holding me back, and she has offered ways to overcome them. I have become less afraid of speaking up, asking, challenging, sharing my point of view, where it serves the larger outcome. I particularly recommend Avalyn’s coaching to ...those soul-searching and just trying to discover more about themselves to become a better person, colleague, boss, husband/wife, mother/father.
— Cintia Tavella - Senior Director, Argentinian.
Avalyn is warm, energetic and has a genuine interest to help people to overcome their problems. After a few coaching sessions with Avalyn, I feel I have better clarity and feel much happier.
— J.S. - HealthTech Consultant, Singapore
Certainly an ‘aha’ moment. It gave me an understanding on not only what my primary drivers are, it also gave me an insight into those around me. I would definitely recommend working with Avalyn.
— Sam F. - Civil Service, Australia
As a first-time founder and managing a team that also had little to no experience working in high-growth start-ups, both I and my team have deeply appreciated Avalyn’s advice and coaching.
— Choo Yilin, Founder & CEO, Singapore
Avalyn is an outstanding listener and asks questions that invoke a deeper level of discovery and exploration. She helped me find the real issues, not just what lies on the surface.
— Jon Lokhorst, Minneapolis, USA
She does not only bring leadership knowledge but also practical experience and business acumen in her coaching practice. A key differentiator of her practice is her ability to expand your thinking beyond the obvious with the application of neuroscience into coaching among other techniques. She is definitely on top of her game. I would strongly recommend Avalyn for any executive and leadership coaching assignment that requires out of the box thinking and real impact.
— Javier Cunat - Entrepreneur, Mexico
I strongly recommend Avalyn as an executive coach and trainer. Avalyn has a solid background and can help you to reach your goals thanks both to a powerful analytical mind and very accurate intuition and insights. Dynamic, always enthusiastic, caring, open to the world and consistent, she is a great professional you’ll be happy to work with her as I did!
— M. Beaupré - Coach & Trainer, France
I have always admired Avalyn for the energy she spreads around herself affecting others in a positive way. She has been a great help and guide to me both personally and professionally.
— Sushila Tiwari - Commodities Trader, India